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Snow over phpBB

Posted: January 28th, 2016, 1:43 am
by GodSend
Adds Snow all over forum for Christmas/Winter. You can edit variables to increase snow flow/size, move snow on mouse direction and to settle on the forum pages.
phpBB Version(s): 3.0.11

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This version as the latest JS file. The weak JS file is in the Contrib folder! - By victory1
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[EN] Note: Download from anex.

Abrir: language/pt/ucp.php - Por Volta da Linha 391

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   'SAME_PASSWORD_ERROR'            => 'A nova Senha é igual à antiga.',

Adicionar Depois

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   'SNOW_ENABLED'                  => 'Activar Efeito de Neve',
   'SNOW_ENABLED_EXPLAIN'            => 'Activa ou desactiva o Efeito de Neve.',

Abrir: language/es/ucp.php - Por Volta da Linha 391

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   'SAME_PASSWORD_ERROR'   => 'La nueva contraseña que ha introducido es la misma que su contraseña actual',

Añadir Después

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   'SNOW_ENABLED'                  => 'Activar efecto de la nieve',
   'SNOW_ENABLED_EXPLAIN'            => 'Activa ou desactiva efecto de la nieve.',

[FR] - Pour Traduire
Ouvrez: language/fr/ucp.php - Autour de la ligne 391

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   'SAME_PASSWORD_ERROR'      => 'Le nouveau mot de passe saisi est identique à votre mot de passe actuel.',

Ajouter Après

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   'SNOW_ENABLED'         => 'Enable Holiday Snow',
   'SNOW_ENABLED_EXPLAIN'      => 'Enables or disables the Holiday Snow.',

Re: Snow over phpBB

Posted: January 28th, 2016, 3:37 am
by GodSend
How to make them bigger?

Open root/js and edit that file, on lines 37-38

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  this.flakeWidth = 8;            // Max pixel width reserved for snow element
  this.flakeHeight = 8;           // Max pixel height reserved for snow element

Having more than six types of flake?

In the JS file (snowstorm.js) find:

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    this.vAmp = this.vAmpTypes[this.type];

Replace with:

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    this.vAmp = this.vAmpTypes[this.type% this.vAmpTypes.length];