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Show Unread PM

Posted: January 28th, 2016, 2:34 am
by GodSend
A simple modification allows to show unread PMs in prosilver style. Additionally you can choose a bold font italic style and change the color of text "unread message", "unread messages" and number PM.

  • enable show unread PMs
  • possibility to change the colour of the number and text unread PMs (select any colour by popup color picker or write by hand in textarea, use hexidecimal colour codes eg. FF0000).
  • possibility change font weight (bold)
  • possibility change font style (italic)

phpBB Version(s): 3.0.11

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English revised and with Portuguese (Portugal) translation
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[EN] Note: Available in annex.
[PT] Nota: Disponível em anexo.
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